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100 Words of Astounding Beauty

Dec 22, 2022

A Christmas message from the flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers each make a story with a limited wordcount in a limited time.

Today we hang on string around the drawing room a bitter bunting of Christmas Cards to the Departed. The cards are written and sent by listeners, addressed to those who will hear no more.

Those cards were sent in by:

'Kill Screen' by Tom McNally
'Colorise' by Deron Shirley
'Perfect Light' by Aevar Gudmundsson
'Password' by Ben Estep
'Christmas Letter to the Deceased' by Colette McCormick.

All our card senders are members of Adim.

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Created by Tom McNally.

The transcripts for each story are available here.

Theme tune is Music For Jellyfish by Bell Lungs.

Story music was generated by Computoser

Track art generated by Midjourney

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