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100 Words of Astounding Beauty

Oct 14, 2020

A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers create an original story with a limited wordcount in a limited amount of time.

In this episode we have ‘The Roof Man Came to Fix the Roof and Jumped over the puddle like a cat' by Mano Camatsos, ‘Elephant Island' by Kevin Drain, ‘Untitled by Sokratis Frantzis, 'Crescendo' by Ella Brasington and 'Cytochrome Sisyphus Oxidase' by Tom McNally.

Nominate your favourite story for an award - either Death, Pestilence, War or Famine on Red Button Audio's twitter or by mailing us on 100words at

Created by Tom McNally, featuring Mano Camatsos, Kevin Drain, Sokratis Frantzis and Ella Brasington.

Transcript and first drafts are available here.

Theme tune is Music For Jellyfish by Bell Lungs.

The prompt this time was by Mano Camatsos, taken from an unreleased piece called ‘Boom Bamboom.’ Mano’s band, Raiments, can be found on Bandcamp.

Story music was generated by Computoser.