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100 Words of Astounding Beauty

Jan 20, 2021

A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers create an original story with a limited wordcount in a limited amount of time. In this episode the writers make a first story then write a response to each other’s story. They then respond to those responses to make a short chain of inspiration and homage.

In this episode we have:
Sail-dem' by Amy Sutton, inspired by ‘Untitled’ by Tom McNally
Phoenix from the Acids’ by Joshua Crisp, inspired by ‘Toucan’ by Paul Davies
‘Chapter XIII - the late 21st century’ by Paul Davies, inspired by ‘Ba’al Reborn’ by Amy Sutton
‘Metal Ache' by Claudia Treacher, inspired by ‘Hungry for Jewels’ by Joshua Crisp
'Redox' by Tom McNally, inspired by ‘Rust’ by Claudia Treacher

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Created by Tom McNally, featuring Amy Sutton, Joshua Crisp, Paul Davies and Claudia Treacher.

Transcript and all story iterations are available here.

Theme tune is Music For Jellyfish by Bell Lungs.

Story music was
Down by the Sally Garden (traditional) arranged by Lory Werths
Be Peace! Ye make me spill my ale! (traditional) arranged by J. Curtis Clark
Warmth Cries for a Blue Smile generated by Computoser
You Remember Forest generated by Computoser
John come kiss me now (traditional) arranged by Lory Werths 

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