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100 Words of Astounding Beauty

Sep 30, 2022

A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers create an original story with a limited wordcount in a limited amount of time. After some time away, we are back for a second season.

In this episode we have:
Telltale' by Amelia Armande
Raising a child’ by Joshua Crisp
‘At the Office of the Second Specialist’
by Paul Davies,
‘Paper Girl' by Claudia Treacher
'For the Good of All Mankind and Me' by Tom McNally

Featuring listener submissions from:
'Step Up' by Dorrie Smith
'Beak and Feather' by
Dec (LazyWolf)

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Created by Tom McNally, featuring Amelia Armande, Joshua Crisp, Paul Davies and Claudia Treacher.

Transcript and all story iterations are available here.

Theme tune is Music For Jellyfish by Bell Lungs.

Story music was generated by Computoser

Track art generated by Midjourney

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