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100 Words of Astounding Beauty

Apr 1, 2024

A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers create an original story with a limited wordcount in a limited amount of time. In this episode we get to grips with life, death and the bell that tolls.

The stories are:
'The Squeaky Wheel' by Amelia Armande

'Send in the clowns' by Joshua Crisp

'In the Bathyscaphe' by Paul Davies

'A Cautionary Tale for the Fearfully Flatulent' by Fran Bushe

'The Vortex' by Tom McNally,

Featuring listener submissions:
'The Great Bell Master' by Mano Camatsos

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Created by Tom McNally, featuring Amelia Armande, Joshua Crisp, Paul Davies and Fran Bushe.

Transcript and all story iterations are available here.

Theme tune is Music For Jellyfish by Bell Lungs.

Story music is by John Bartmann, under a CC-BY license, featuring:


Track art generated by Midjourney

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